Who we are


Richard started Bee Free Project with Rhodri after he found that beekeeping had coping mechanisms that helped his own PTSD. After serving in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq Richard developed the symptoms of PTSD but only after being diagnosed with many smaller problems but were after all as a result of PTSD.

He always had a fascination with bees and he found that beekeeping has helped to develop the mind, helping him with memory retention, carrying out tasks in a logical way as well as providing coping methods with obtrusive memories.

He aims now to teach as many people as possible the perceived medical benefits in carrying out beekeeping, as well as helping the environment along the way.


Rhodri has kept bees for a number of years and started commercial beekeeping three years ago. Having met Richard he has become aware of the potential medical benefits for PTSD and teamed up with him to start the Bee Free Project.

All training takes place at Rhodri's Bee Farm in Llangennech, Llanelli and hopes to continue tuition for years to come.

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